Field trials

You are everywhere, so we need to be everywhere, too. Envigo understands that all environments and regions have their own unique challenges because we have been conducting GLP field studies throughout the world for over 15 years including in the EU, the Americas, Australia, Israel and Africa.

With a diverse service offering and the unique challenges that working outdoors presents our multi-discipline team expect the unexpected. Utilising photographs to capture field events and provide regular updates we can demonstrate the close attention to detail and strong communication routes that are required for these multi-site studies to be performed with high quality and efficiency.

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  • RAC trials
  • Processed commodity trials
  • Soil dissipation/accumulation studies
  • Dislodgeable foliar residue trials
  • Operator exposure
  • Field environmental fate
  • Field ecotoxicology

Our Field Trials team is comprised of agronomical experts and dedicated field operators with more than 20 years’ experience. Our study directors, based in both Northern and Southern Europe, are vastly experienced and each has at least 15 years’ experience within the agricultural research industry. The field team are supported by a large network across the Envigo business which includes Regulatory affairs, Program management, Environmental fate, Excotoxicology and Residue analytical services.

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