As you prepare for registration and market authorization, your reprotoxicology studies are a critical component that must be conducted flawlessly.  To whom will you turn for research support that combines expertise with a commitment to meeting your unique study objectives?  When you partner with Envigo, you have access to more than 40 years of work in the field of reprotoxicology backed by our breadth of experience with pharmaceuticals and biologicals. You can choose from a comprehensive package of studies, all performed in our fully AAALAC-accredited labs.

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  • Study designs for non-pharmaceuticals
  • Dosing by all oral (dietary or gavage), dermal and inhalation routes
  • Extensive, proven behavioral testing
  • Fetal pathology including Wilson’s sectioning and microdissection techniques, staining for bone and cartilage
  • Computer-assisted sperm assessment (CASA)
  • Specialist neuropathology and morphometric measurements of the brain
  • Specialist pathology of male and female reproductive organs

We also offer consultancy services in reproductive studies and reproductive pathology.

Our reprotoxicology department is led by a large team of study directors and senior scientists supported by dedicated inhalation specialists, behavioral specialists, animal technicians with special reprotoxicology training, repro necropsy specialists and fetal pathologists. More than half our scientific staff members have at least ten years of relevant experience.

Meet Steve Renaut, Commercial Manager

Meet Steven Hunt, Regulatory Consultant

Meet Dr David Howes, Expert Consultant

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