Program management

Program management is at the center of all successful research and development.  The best products and most rigorous studies will still always depend on the structured, transparent leadership of high quality program managers.  With the need to rapidly progress through the development process while supporting regulatory submissions and mitigating study risk, you need a Program Manager who is fully dedicated to your success and understands how to flawlessly manage your development program. 

Envigo is home to many senior scientists who are very active in our industry, and they are anxious to work with you to help you successfully execute your research.  Envigo program managers offer a depth and breadth of expertise in the chemical industry that you can leverage as you scan the environment, assess your products and programs, and make decisions about how to proceed both internally and with regulators.

Among their skills sets are their abilities to act as a focal point of contact when required. They have experience coordinating projects, monitoring progress and ensuring effective communications internally, externally and across programs. You can be sure that the knowledge and experience you are gaining in each part of your program also benefits your entire program. By keeping a firm grasp of the details within the big picture, our program managers are able to help shepherd your project from inception to completion.

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  • Awareness of scientific issues that require expert input and discussion
  • Communication of issues to customer and management that may impact project objectives
  • Ability to adapt the involvement of the program director to meet the customer’s needs and demands of the program
  • Interpretation of unexpected/unusual results and advice on further investigations
  • Production of independent expert position papers
  • Discussions and negotiation with regulators

Our program managers gained their experience in the crop protection, chemical and CRO industries. They have vast experience in the management of multidisciplinary programs of work for crop protection products. Importantly, all of our program managers have experience in the financial aspects of program development.

Meet Steve Renaut, Commercial Manager

Meet Steven Hunt, Regulatory Consultant

Meet Dr David Howes, Expert Consultant

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