In vitro safety assessment

Chemical in vitro safety assessments are an important part of your product’s safety profile and critical to the health of the planet.  We share your commitment to the environment and understand that in vitro safety assessment cannot be compromised. When you partner with Envigo, you gain more than 20 years’ experience with in vitro safety testing. We offer a comprehensive service for in vitro safety assessment of crop protection products. We also have a dedicated chemical registration services group offering specialists for in silico and WOE evaluation of in vitro testing requirements.

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  • In silico - DEREK, OECD (Q)SAR Toolbox
  • In vitro skin irritation (OECD 439) - EPISKINÒ human skin model
  • In vitro skin corrosivity (OECD 431) - EpiDermTM human skin model
  • Eye irritation - bovine corneal opacity and permeability test (BCOP) – (OECD 437)
  • Phototoxicity (OECD 432) - 3T3 NRU
  • In vitro dermal absorption (OECD 428)
  • Cytotoxicity - neutral red uptake, elution or agar overlay
  • In vitro screening assays (EPA Tier I) for endocrine disruptors
  • Direct peptide reactivity assay (DPRA) – skin sensitization

With over 20 years’ experience of in vitro safety testing, our scientists offer the following experience:

  • Participation in international development trials coordinated by FRAME, ECVAM and ICVAM
  • Experience with in vitro endocrine disruptor screens
  • Membership in the in vitro toxicology society (IVTS) and in vitro testing industrial platform (IVTIP)

Envigo also supports you with expert guidance from Envigo’s dedicated regulatory affairs group and chemical registration specialists  

Meet Steve Renaut, Commercial Manager

Meet Steven Hunt, Regulatory Consultant

Meet Dr David Howes, Expert Consultant

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