Whether you are focused on aquatic, avian, or terrestrial toxicology, your goal is to quickly and confidently determine if your product is safe.  We share your dedication to the environment and understand your need to ensure that ecotoxicology studies reveal the most reliable information for your product.  When you work with the Envigo organization, you can have the confidence that more than 25 years of experience in a wide range of ecotoxicology studies will secure the potential of your project. As your partner, we offer you access to our state-of-the-art facilities including our purpose-built avian facility with incubation room and hatchery, our high-spec aquatic toxicology facilities, and our outdoor facility which incorporates 32ft2 microcosms and more than 60 ditch units.

Our knowledge and expertise in ecotoxicology is backed by 1000 terrestrial studies conducted in the last six years alone, including almost 200 avian studies.

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Our ecotoxicology group is staffed by a dedicated team of scientists incorporating a wide range of experience in all types of ecotoxicology studies including extensive knowledge of freshwater and marine species and specialist experience in avian studies and field studies. Our staff is supported by an expert team of analytical chemists with backgrounds in radiochemical analysis technologies for bioconcentration and chironomid studies.

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