The most successful studies depend on open communication, scientific expertise, optimal resource allocation, and a commitment to proactive program management.  Envigo offers a consultancy and program management service comprising our senior scientists who harness years of experience to play an active role in driving your initiative within the industry.

Our experts understand what needs to be done, who needs to do it, and when it needs to happen. And they are experienced in having those critical conversations with you to help you reach your program objectives on time and on budget.

Envigo technical program management experts can act on a limited basis or across your entire program. Also, our program managers can act as a focal point of contact for you when you need it. We are able to coordinate your project by monitoring progress and ensuring effective communications internally and externally. We enable exchange of knowledge and experience among study directors to facilitate the conduct of the studies.

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  • Alerts to scientific issues that require expert input and discussion
  • Communication of issues to client and management that may impact project objectives
  • Tailored involvement of the Program Director to meet the customers’ needs and demands of the program
  • Interpretation of unexpected/unusual results and advice on further investigations
  • Production of independent expert position papers
  • Discussions and negotiation with regulators

Our program managers gained their experience in the crop protection, chemical and CRO industries. They have vast experience in the management of multidisciplinary programs of work for crop protection products. Importantly, all our program managers have experience in the financial aspects of program development to make sure you not only meet your scientific and regulatory goals, but that you do it within your budget.

Meet Steve Renaut, Commercial Manager

Meet Steven Hunt, Regulatory Consultant

Meet Dr David Howes, Expert Consultant

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