Envigo launches 'biocides insights' to help identify regulatory pathways

Feb 6, 2017

Press & News

Huntingdon, UK — Envigo has launched a new biocides white paper entitled “Understanding biocidal development and regulation – your route to effective regulatory approval”, together with an on-line biocides insights resource. The two sources provide a comprehensive roadmap for full understanding of complex EU and US regulations, how to achieve registration and gaining the swiftest possible access to the fast expanding global biocides market for chemical compounds. The company has introduced a biocides campaign to help the market better identify what their unique regulatory requirements are and the most productive paths to market approval.

One of the key considerations biocide makers must first examine is the subtle difference between EU and US regulations and what impact this is likely to have on a product’s route to market. Without a comprehensive road-map, there is always the possibility that a company will have to revisit or re-do some of its studies from an early part of the process.

The informative web-based tools provide clarity on the complicated EU and US regulatory approval process across a plethora of differently categorised biocidal products – informing customers of the most effective methods and pathways to follow. In the EU, as many as 22 different biocide product-types are classified and grouped into four categories: disinfectants, preservatives, pest control and others.

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