7090 Teklad sani-chips

Unparalleled quality control

P.J. Murphy starts with only the most select hardwoods, which are debarked (nature's guard against bacteria and disease) before the logs are sawn. Large pieces are removed before loading materials onto P. J. Murphy's own trailers, via air conveying systems. Trailers are used solely for hauling hardwood bedding to guarantee no contamination of tars and resins. Pine bedding is refused because at all hardwood facilities, only hardwoods are processed, avoiding any contamination which is inherent in all softwoods. Once the material is shipped from the sawmill, it goes directly into an enclosed hopper. The wood is removed from the hopper via a metered, precision ground auger into initial screeners, which eliminate all coarse particles. From this point, the production system is completely closed. After the initial screening, all desired particles are dropped through a rotary air lock into a three phase, 75 foot pass, where they are rotary drum dried, with a maximum temperature of 1200 degrees fahrenheit, for 20 minutes. This reduces the moisture content to eight percent, with a ± two percent variance and kills most harmful bacteria. Material is then conveyed, by air, from the dryer to another set of sifters, screening to the final particle size. To further refine the product, P. J. Murphy has added additional, innovative, and unique equipment, enabling them to further increase their screening and aspirating efficiencies. Sani-chip is a cube-cut type bedding, free of splinters, shavings, slivers, excessive dust, and all foreign matter. It is aspirated a final time and augered into a 2.2 cubic foot, three-ply Kraft paper bag, which is autoclavable.

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Sani-Chips have been used by the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, National Center for Toxicological Research in Jefferson, Arkansas, National Toxicology Programs throughout the United States, many state and private universities, major pharmaceuticals, and many of the nation's finest breeders of laboratory animals.

  • 7090A - Teklad aspen sani chips
  • 7090M - Teklad maple sani chips
  • 7090C - Teklad certified sani chips
  • 7090S - Teklad softwood Screened
  • 7115 - Teklad coarse sani chips
  • 7990.BG - Irradiated Teklad sani chips, large cap sack
  • 7990.CS - Irradiated Teklad sani chips, 4 x 3 lb. vacuum packs

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