7088 Teklad laboratory pine shavings

7088 Teklad laboratory grade pine shavings are the finest pine shavings available to the research community. They are produced in a sanitary plant that is dedicated solely to the production of laboratory animal bedding products. This plant employs stringent quality assurance, housekeeping and sanitation procedures consistent with what the research community demands and expects.

Raw materials used in 7088 pine shavings are procured only from planing operations that provide a consistent, clean, soft pine shaving material. These kiln-dried shavings are then triple-screened and aspirated to remove as much sawdust as possible. The end result is a bright, clean, consistent, dry fluffy product with extremely low dust content. Laboratory analysis of the finished product is performed quarterly, and provides information on potential contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, yeast and molds. These QC test results are available upon request.

7088 Teklad laboratory grade pine shavings are packaged in compressed 3.0 cubic foot bales, which expand to approximately 9 cubic feet when opened.

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