North America surgical services

Envigo offers cost-effective surgical services to save you time and resources

  • High-quality surgically-modified rodent models
  • Availability from multiple convenient locations to reduce transit time
  • Technical Support Team: Surgical team, veterinarians and veterinary science technical support
  • Envigo shipping containers with ClearH2O® gel, delivered via Envigo environmentally-controlled vehicles

Envigo currently operates two rodent surgical units dedicated to our maximum-security production barriers:

  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Livermore, California
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Envigo is dedicated to the humane care and use of research animals. All surgical modifications are reviewed and approved in advance by Envigo’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Envigo’s veterinarians provide oversight and technical and professional support to surgical personnel.

All surgical procedures are performed by trained and tested surgeons using aseptic technique in surgical facilities dedicated to maximum-security production barriers or isolators. Surgically-modified models are monitored postoperatively to ensure complete recovery from surgery. All animals undergoing major survival surgery (as defined by the guide for the care and use of laboratory animals, 2011) receive post-operative analgesia to further ensure their humane and ethical care. Exceptions to analgesic requirements will require pre-approval by Envigo’s IACUC.

Envigo recognizes the need to supplement enrichment to those animals needing to be singly housed after surgery (e.g., catheterized rats). Therefore, we provide these animals with a section of inert nylabone for gnawing or provide supplemental novel material for bedding. These enrichment items are provided to animals immediately post operatively and remain with them until delivery to the client.

Envigo is dedicated to providing the highest quality surgically modified animals. Surgery personnel undergo rigorous training and evaluation prior to performing surgery. Surgical skills are continuously monitored. Our surgeons regularly receive outside educational training to improve their skills and increase their surgical knowledge.

Meet Brad Gien, Head of North America Surgery

Meet Sheryl Wildt, Scientist

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