Ocular solutions

Ocular-related studies require ocular-ready models. Whether you are looking to test your novel drug on specific ocular anomalies or on a test cohort with normal vision – pre-shipment eye screening enhances your study success rate while implementing the 3Rs on your program. Screening makes it possible for you to order fewer models with an enhanced confidence of meeting your ocular study specifications. Ocular examinations are performed by experienced veterinarians and technicians to ensure the utmost in model selection.
Eye screening solutions - the following exams are available for nonhuman primates, rabbits and canines:
  • Basic eye exam
    Select models screened for corneal opacities and certain forms of cataracts. This service utilizes slit lamp biomicroscope assessment of the anterior segment and adnexa with no mydriatic administered. 

  • Basic eye exam with mydriatic
    Detect cataracts for greater assurance of excluding models with corneal opacities or other ocular anomalies. This service utilizes slit lamp biomicroscope assessment of the anterior segment and adnexa with mydriatic administered.

  • Comprehensive eye exam
    Maximize your confidence in the eye quality of your models. This service examines the adnexa, anterior segment and fundus utilizing both indirect ophthalmoscopy and slit lamp biomicroscopy with mydriatic administered.  

  • Custom ocular exam
    Meet your specific ocular examination need. Implement the best selection solution through an expert need assessment and consultation – options such as tonometry, fluorescein staining of cornea or specified veterinarian examiner are available.

  • Exam with veterinarian documentation
    Receive exam reports documented by a veterinarian. Vet reports supplement the eye exam when more robust documentation is required for your preclinical research data package. 

  • Exam rush services
    Allow seven-day lead time for eye screening exams to meet standard order shipment commitments. Need your models faster? Rush eye exam services are available by request when five or fewer business days are desired.