Genetically engineered models and services (GEMS)

Our genetically engineered models and services (GEMS) provide flexible solutions that meet your needs. Customize the genetics of a rodent model to your specifications through gene deletion, insertion and other modifications. If you need a knockout or knockin rodent model now, choose from an array of pre-developed transgenic rodent models.

We also provide transgenic model support services such as custom breeding, cryo-preservation and recovery, and rapid colony expansion. These services can help you manage your project resources as well as anticipating downstream projects. Lastly, we offer tumor models and studies through the use of patient derived xenografts (PDX) for breast cancer and melanoma. Bring clarity to your research with our collection of PDX models.

Envigo matches your level of acute attention to detail because our scientists, project managers, and experts have made a commitment to building a healthier and safer world. We offer you the experience, quality, and consistency that is essential to your success.

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We are the world’s fastest custom in vivo model generation service, powered by CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing technology. Your Envigo development specialist will collaborate with you to ensure we design a custom model to your exact specifications. We offer you the highest quality custom models in the shortest possible timeframe. Envigo has helped customers generate both straight-forward and extremely complex genetically engineered models. Contact our team today to begin developing yours.

Advance your drug discovery research with predictive and translational models. Our pre-developed models cover various therapeutics, such as neuroscience, ADMET, cardiovascular, respiratory, and oncology. Our breadth of pre-developed knockout and knockin models are readily-available to provide the scientific community access to popular models for use in basic and preclinical research applications.

Envigo transgenic services help you focus on your research through resource allocation. We offer custom breeding services, genotyping, cryopreservation and recovery and other additional services. Our team will collaborate with you to develop tailor-made integrated solutions to efficiently navigate downstream projects. We’ll work with you to deliver healthy research models when you need them.

The requirement for accurate PDX models for preclinical efficacy studies have risen as personalized medicine (also called precision medicine) becomes the approach for therapeutic solutions. We source breast cancer PDX models through Washington University in St. Louis with the Washington University Human In Mouse (WHIM) models. Also, we have a Wistar Melanoma (WM) PDX collection through the Wistar Institute. With the WHIM and WM models, we have vials of tumor cells, in vivo propagation, non-viable analysis materials, and drug efficacy studies available. Through WHIM and WM, you have two high quality PDX models available. Additionally we are able to provide tumor model services utilizing cell derived xenografts (CDX) and syngeneic models.