Monoclonal antibody production

It is hard to imagine a world without monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), as reagents and therapeutics in their own right; they have played an important role in the advancement of basic research, diagnostics and product development.

The production of custom antigen specific mouse monoclonal antibody is a time consuming and technically demanding process. The production of antibodies is conducted at our state-of-the-art facilities either in the US or UK, utilizing Envigo purpose bred models. Our highly-trained personnel provide you with unparalleled expertise across a wide range of antibody services.

In vivo (ascites) production

For an economical approach, Envigo Bioproducts offers monoclonal antibody production as ascites in our FDA registered cGMP compliant facility. Our ready access to large numbers of high quality, genetically defined adventitious virus-free mice and rats ensures a rapid turn-around time at a competitive price. We can also help maximize your yield time through our innovative Optimization Program.

Service Description Cell line Production type Capacity Advantages

Optimization program

Different doses tested
Ascites available can
be evaluated before use
Small to large run sizes

Hybridomas, NSO and SP2/0

Balb/c, Nude, SCID, and other species

Small to large

Determine optimal cell dose
Allows maximal yield
Verifies specifications
Saves time

Research ascites production (non-cGMP)

When cGMP is not needed
Unique service
Same phases as cGM

Hybridomas, NSO and SP2/0

Balb/c, Nude, SCID, and other species

Small to large

No MAP Testing requirement
Quicker turnaround time
Custom protocols
Reduced cost

cGMP production

Diagnostic/Therapeutic use
Extensive quality
Program fully tested

Hybridomas, NSO and SP2/0

Balb/c, Nude, SCID, and other species

Small to large

AAALAC accredited cGMP compliant
Optimized production
Large animal inventory
Complete documentation

In vitro monoclonal antibody production

Envigo Bioproducts has the expertise to produce your monoclonal or secreted protein in vitro. We have the capacity to produce 10mg-300g of research or cGMP antibody, or other secreted proteins, in our innovative tissue culture bag and hollow fiber production units. We offer a variety of media options such as RPMI, DMEM, IMDM, serum free, protein free, or other custom media formulations.

Service Description Cell line Production type Capacity Advantages

Small scale production

Cost effective for smaller research runs Good for early feasibility, clonal selection and media optimization

Hybridomas (CHO’s, 293’s, PerC.6 and secreted proteins)

Culture Bag
Hollow Fiber

Up to 1 gram per project

Reduced cost Yield~20-150mg per 1 L bag Quick turn-around Excellent oxygen transport

Large scale production

Flexible and easy scale up
Larger scale research and cGMP runs

Hybridomas (CHO’s, 293’s, PerC.6 and secreted proteins)

Hollow Fiber

10mg-300g per project

Max environmental control
Reproducible manufacturing process
Reduces extraneous proteins
Highly concentrated product

Hybridoma development

Envigo scientists, veterinarians and technicians have more than 40 years of experience refining our approach to developing monoclonal antibodies from a wide variety of peptides and proteins. While our procedures are well-defined, we are flexible when we need to be.

Envigo Bioproducts' hybridoma development program is a flexible, interactive, and cost effective multi-phased service. We will work closely with you to design a program that will meet your requirements. Our custom development options include providing up to three, five, or ten clones, or as many as you require. As our client, you retain all rights to any clones that are produced. Once the clones are developed, we can scale them up as tissue culture supernatant.

ServiceRequirementsProject outcomes

Stage I: Immunization

Immunize mice with antigen
Boost/test by ELISA or alternate method
Additional boost(s) if needed
Pre-fusion boost

Move mice with best titers as fusion candidates
Immunizing multiple mice increases success

Stage II: Fusion/screen and select

Fusion with myeloma cell line
Grow cells in HAT medium
Initial screen/selection

Screen all initial plates
Expand positive wells and test by ELISA
Set up to 30 positives for cloning
Keep frozen back–up for future testing

Stage III: Cloning/frozen stock

First cloning
Final cloning
Selection for non-HT requirement
Frozen stock and small antibody scale-up

Clone by limiting dilution method
Test clones by ELISA
Several cloning cycles
Final clones expanded and small amount of antibody produced

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When you work with Envigo, you can be confident that through our experience, we ensure consistent and reliable products for research and industry.

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