Downstream antibody services

Immunogenicity immunization

Envigo Bioproducts provides a unique Immunogenicity Immunization service in a variety of species, such as rats, mice, guinea pigs, and rabbits. We provide serum samples from a wide range of antigens, bacteria, viruses, lipids, nucleic acids and other proteins. Non-immunogenic haptens require conjugation with an epitope such as a protein or polysaccharide before they can illicit an immunologic response. Standard protocols are available for each species, or we can follow your specific protocol. All our procedures and production records are fully documented, allowing complete traceability.

ServiceAntigenProduction typeProduction capacityArea of useAdvantages

Immunogenicity immunization

Proteins, viruses, variety of antigen

Rabbits, mice rats, guinea pigs

Small to large scale (all size runs available)

Vaccine, research discovery

Variety of species
USDA licensed
Standard/custom protocols

Antibody purification

Envigo Bioproducts can purify mg-to-gram quantities of your monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies utilizing a wide array of protein purification methods, for research or cGMP diagnostic use. We can also purify any raw antibodies that have been produced in your lab or from another supplier. Our scientific staff will work with you to discuss the best options available to meet your needs. Our goal is to develop a procedure which provides the best balance between yield, purity and cost.

ServiceAntigenProduction typeProduction capacityArea of useAdvantages

Antibody purification IEF, SEC, MW testing Fab & F(ab’)2 fragmentation FITC, Biotin, Alk Phos, and HRP conjugation

Monoclonals Polyclonals Secreted proteins IgM IgY

Protein A & G, Antigen affinity, Hydrophobic interaction, Size exclusion, Ammonium sulfate, Ion exchange

Small to large scale (20mg - 20g scale available)

Diagnostics, cGMP diagnostic research

Variety of methods
Low endotoxin for in vivo use
cGMP compliant for diagnostic use
Purify client’s in-house antibody
Standard/custom protocols

Mouse antibody production (MAP) testing

If your Custom Antibody Production project must be free of mycoplasma or viral contamination, we recommend our mouse antibody production (MAP), rat antibody production (RAP) and hamster antibody production (HAP) testing programs. These tests will screen your cell lines against the adventitious viruses associated with your cell line’s origin. Testing is available by both PCR and serology.

Downstream processing (processing and cell line services)

We have expanded our cell line and processing capabilities to offer a wider selection of services, thus helping you to complete your research more efficiently.

  • Bioburden
  • Endotoxin
  • Sterility
  • Subcloning
  • Cell banking
  • Cell line stability
  • Mycoplasma cleanup
  • Viability
  • Cell weaning
  • Cell recovery
  • Cell line isotyping
  • IgG testing

Our technical staff has extensive experience in microbiology, virology, cell biology, pathology, and lab animal medicine. This translates into knowing that your projects will be dealt with in a professional and timely manner.

Customer experiences

When you work with Envigo, you can be confident that through our experience, we ensure consistent and reliable products for research and industry.

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