Services for oncology research

Envigo offers many services within our oncology portfolio. We specialize in gene expression services, monoclonal antibody production, and contract breeding.

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Envigo operations in North America provides global gene expression services using a variety of advanced throughput technologies customized to meet your research needs.

We will help you identify the appropriate technology, experimental design and program goals to ensure that your research needs will be met. We guide you through a selection of services to build a custom gene expression workflow for your project, helping you preserve your most precious resource — time.


Full service offering from RNA extraction to data analysis:

  • RT-QPCR, taq low density arrays, and comprehensive microarray services
  • Applied biosystems 7900HT and Taqman® arrays for RT-QPCR applications
  • High-throughput screening (HTS) available
Technical specialists
Fast turnaround time
Data archival up to five years
Bio-Informatics specialists

Envigo in North America has more than 25 years of experience with in vitro monoclonal antibody production for various global research applications.

Features Advantages
cGMP-Quality system Reliable, consistent manufacturing process
In vitro antibody scale-up Flexible scale-up of hybridomas, CHO, 293, PerC6

Envigo in Europe offers contract breeding of oncology models.

Contract breeding Guaranteed supply
Clear costs
Customized health surveillance programs
Reallocate client production space and associated resources
Custom breeding protocols
Flexible film isolator systems for managing the breeding and stock of your valuable models Controlled environmental containment area
From 20 mouse cages to more than 150 cages

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