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Envigo provides high-quality nude mice, SCID mice, and nude rats with proven performance in tumor uptake and growth. No matter where you are, valid research depends on the stability and consistency of your models. Hidden ingredients in your models’ diets can negatively impact oncology research, so we raise our animals on Teklad diets which are free of ingredients that could reduce the reliability of your research results.

Leveraging our up-to-date online reference tool, we will work with you to choose the most appropriate animal models for your oncology research. Envigo’s extensive online database of peer-reviewed publications across major cancer cell lines enables you to choose the best models. Now you can make more confident, time-efficient model selections.

You need established tumor growth rates to help you secure the most appropriate models. Our online library of in vivo tumor growth data provides your researchers with representative tumor growth curves for tumor cell lines and xenograft models of interest. Our tumor growth data sheets cover a variety of tissue types, cell lines, and xenograft models to assist you in making the best decisions.

Did you know that phytoestrogens, chlorophyll, and nitrosamines can adversely affect your studies? That is why we have removed undesirable compounds from teklad diets so you can be confident that your research isn’t being impacted by unwanted ingredients.

Envigo offers a number of services to support your oncology research.

Gene expression services — Advanced throughput technologies customized to meet your research needs.

Monoclonal antibody production services — You can rely on our 25+ years of experience with in vivo and in vitro mAb production for various global research applications.

Contract breeding — Laboratory operations in Europe offer contract breeding of oncology models to guarantee your supply of appropriate models.

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