Envigo’s customers conduct research and develop products that have the potential to improve lives. But achieving this potential is becoming increasingly difficult.

We believe that for our customers to achieve their goals, they need to trust and be absolutely confident in the company they choose to help them with their research, products and services.

We understand the only way we can create this trust and confidence is by consistently delivering scientific excellence and outstanding customer service.

At Envigo, we are proud of our customer-centric culture which makes us responsive to every customer, no matter their size, continually optimizing their product delivery and research programs to help ensure consistently clear results.

Our ability to combine scientific excellence with empathetic working relationships is what differentiates us. We always seek to understand our customers’ goals and challenges, appreciate our customers’ perspectives and work together for a better future.

Beyond our responsibility to customers, we are responsible to people, animals and the communities and environment in which we live. We are dedicated to assuring people that the products they use have been tested properly for safety and efficacy. We are committed to the highest levels of animal welfare. And we provide services that help develop new medicines, protect the environment and food supplies and make the world a healthier and safer place.

At Envigo, we exist to help our customers secure the potential of their research and develop products that enhance and enrich life.

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