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    The announced transaction between Envigo and Horizon is complete.

    New call-to-actionEnvigo RMS LLC (“Envigo”), a leading global supplier of research models and associated services has acquired the assets of the research models business unit of Horizon Discovery Group plc (“Horizon”, LSE:HZD).

    Horizon’s research models business unit, which provides genetically engineered models from its premises in Boyertown, Pennsylvania and St Louis, Missouri, USA, has been transferred to Envigo ownership, including assets and employees. The business unit uses Horizon’s gene editing expertise to produce customized models with clinically relevant gene deletions, insertions and other modifications, which are then used as pre-clinical models for human disease during drug discovery and development. The two companies will collaborate to ensure continuity and enable all customers to access CRISPR-edited research models for screening and other applications.

    Envigo, which is headquartered in the US, has more than 1,200 employees in more than 20 locations across North America and Europe, and is a market-leading provider of a broad range of standard research models to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, government, academia and other life science organizations.

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