The drive towards continued 3R improvement, combined with the tempting proposition of cost and time savings has seen an explosion in the range of NSP test technologies and pathogen targets available to test. However, it is critical that EU facility managers understand the comprehensive scientific validation material that supports individual NSP techniques for target pathogens, not just the claims of marketing material.

Envigo only utilizes test techniques that have been 100% health validated. We can do this because we are not tethered to a particular technology, enabling us to provide our customers with test panel designs that are appropriate, necessary and valid.

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1. Appropriate
The complexity of modern healthcare research demands careful attention to health monitoring protocol design.

2. Necessary
With so many pathogens now available for test, facility managers need to understand what tests are required, preferable and unnecessary for their facilities, colonies and research goals.

3. Valid
Facility managers must understand the benefits —and special limitations of different test technologies to ensure the validity and reliability of results for target pathogens.


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