SfN Global Connectome

    Envigo is pleased to attend the first-ever Global Connectome virtual event hosted by the Society for Neuroscience. Regardless if you will be joining us, we invite you to explore content focused on our genetically engineered models and services.

    Our transgenic knockin and knockout rodent models are designed to advance your drug discovery research projects. These models cover various therapeutic areas, such as neuroscience, ADME-Tox, cardiovascular, respiratory, and oncology. Our knockout and knockin models are readily available to provide the scientific community access to popular models for use in basic and preclinical research applications.

    Additionally, Envigo has the world's fastest custom in vivo model generation service, powered by CRISPR-Cas9 and ZFN gene-editing technologies. We offer the highest quality custom models designed to fit your exact specifications in the shortest possible timeframe. We have helped customers generate both straightforward and extremely complex genetically engineered models.

    Envigo is positioned to support your research with a complete selection of high quality rodent models and custom model generation services.