September 24, 2020

    [Webinar] What's diet got to do with it?

    September 24, 2020

    Diet is a 24/7 input for animal care. Diet composition can profoundly influence metabolic health, behavior, and disease state. Understanding common diet terminology and the interaction of ingredient composition will aid researchers in designing studies that limit confounding dietary factors.

    October 7-8 2020

    LabRoots Cancer Research and Oncology Virtual Event

    October 7-8, 2020 — Online

    This two day, virtual event will focus on advancements in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of different cancer types.

    October 8, 2020

    [Webinar] Genetic Integrity Assurance of Laboratory Animal Models

    October 8, 2020

    One of the most critical aspects of a laboratory animal breeding program is to ensure the correct genetic status of the model. The discovery of variability of the model and research results led to the establishment of routine genetic monitoring of animal models, including inbred, outbred, spontaneous mutant, and genetically engineered models.

    October 13-15, 2020

    Academy of Surgical Research 2020

    October 13-15, 2020 — La Jolla, CA

    The ASR was founded in 1982 and promotes the advancement of professional and academic standards, education and research in the arts and sciences of experimental surgery.

    October 25-29, 2020

    AALAS National Meeting 2020

    October 25-29, 2000 – Virtual Event

    Each fall since 1950, the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science has held its annual National Meeting. During the five days of the meeting, members and nonmembers come together to enjoy the workshops, lectures, poster sessions, and exhibits. 

    The program is designed to have topics relevant to the entire membership. Exhibitors have an opportunity to interact with AALAS members from the academic community, research institutions, government organizations, and commercial companies. The AALAS National Meeting is the largest gathering in the world of professionals concerned with the production, care, and use of laboratory animals.