Teklad dog diets are complete fixed formula diets designed to provide all essential nutrients required by dogs to achieve efficient growth, maintenance and reproduction. Additional dietary supplements are unnecessary. Choose from several diets to best meet your needs.

Teklad global dog diets are an integrated series with protein, fat, and calories levels adjusted to optimize performance at specific life stages. They include poultry by-product meal, an improved source of animal protein over conventional meat and bone meals.

Protein from animal and plant sources provides the proper balance of essential amino acids to maintain efficient functioning of the dog's body throughout its life cycle. High-quality animal fat is an excellent source of concentrated energy and essential fatty acids required to promote and support the general condition of research dogs, lactating bitches, and growing puppies. Fat also enhances palatability.

Teklad dog diets are fortified with the proper amounts and balance of vitamins and minerals required to help regulate body systems and fluids, strengthen teeth and bones, and maintain good blood, skin, and coat condition. The diets are extruded to help break down starches. This results in improved digestibility and palatability.

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Teklad dog diets Non-autoclavable form
Teklad global 21% protein dog diet 2021 , 2021C
Teklad global 25% protein dog diet 2025 , 2025C
Teklad global 27% protein dog diet 2027 , 2027C
Teklad 21% lab dog diet 8755
Teklad 25% lab dog diet 8653 , 8727C
Many diets are available in certified format designated by a “C” following the product code. When diets are certified a representative sample is tested for a panel of contaminants. If not stocked as certified, certification can be made available upon request. Minimum order size and additional charges may apply.
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