Guidelines for custom diet order changes during COVID-19

    To make one of these changes to an existing order, please contact us either by email at or by phone, 800-483-5523. Remember, our customer service team is always happy to work with you to find the best solution for your needs. These include:

    Ship To address changes:
    Contact customer service at least three business days prior to the scheduled ship date, which can be found on your order acknowledgement.

    Requests to delay shipment:
    Contact customer service at least five business days prior to the scheduled ship date, and we will move the ship date up to 30 days past the original ship date. In the case that your diet has already been produced, we will store it for a similar period of time (depending on order quantity). If we cannot store it for you, we will contact you regarding alternate shipment options.

    Cancel an order:
    For non-irradiated orders, contact customer service at least five business days prior to the scheduled ship date. For orders with irradiation, contact customer service at least ten business days prior to the scheduled ship date.

    Our in-stock diets are processed quickly. Please contact us immediately to discuss options. (Stock diets include TD.88137, TD.06414, TD.01306, and select Tamoxifen diets).

    To initiate an order for Teklad custom research diets or ingredients, choose one of the following:

    Be prepared to provide the following information:

    • Product code (five or six digit number starting with CA or TD)
    • Quantity required (in kg)
    • Diet form (pellet or powder)
    • Additional services (irradiation, vacuum packaging)
    • Bill to address
    • Ship to address
    • Purchase order number or credit card number
    • Principal investigator or end user name
    • Order initiator contact information for order confirmation

    The minimum order for diets and most ingredients is three kg. The minimum order for vitamin and mineral mixes is 500 grams.

    Diets are custom made to fill each order, and are not inventoried. Diets are usually shipped from our production facility ten business days after an order is placed. Transit time depends on the type of delivery method used (regular ground, overnight, etc.). Weight and delivery method affect shipping costs, that are typically added to the invoice.

    Outside the USA or Canada
    Most European countries, Israel, and Mexico have Envigo affiliates available for help in placing an order. For other countries, prepayment is required via credit card or electronic transfer. It is highly recommended that a customer be aware of any necessary permits and conditions of importation. Trading companies are often very helpful in this regard.

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