Diamond TEK

A white dimpled traditional cage board material. Diamond TEK liners are the new standard for laboratory grade custom-cut cage liners. The bright white color aids in observation of animal discharges. The heavier construction means they are more absorbent and more durable — often meaning that the interval between cage changes can be increased. That means that they can save you money by reducing labor costs, and by using fewer liners per year. There are no antibiotics added to these liners, and there is no glue used in the lamination process, reducing the risk of chemical contamination.

Diamond PADS

These pads are white multi-ply tissue liners with poly backing. Available in both 8-ply or 14-ply thickness. Ideal for under rabbits or rodents, they can also be used as workplace blotters or to clean up spills in the lab.

Our liners are custom-cut to within 1/4 inch of your tray or pan dimensions. Minimum orders required for non-stocked items.

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