1. Policy Statement

    Envigo is a global research models and services company serving pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, academic and government markets and other life science organizations.

    It is essential that the quality of our products and services is consistent, reliable and fit-for-purpose as the work we do is used to determine human, animal and environmental safety and efficacy.

    Quality is the result of the intent of all our people to consistently provide, either directly or indirectly, fit-for-purpose products and services to our customers through robust planning, processes, quality control, quality assurance and continuous improvement. Our approach to quality management is focused on product and service quality and the means to achieve it.

    We recognize that the provision of quality products and services is vital to our growth, success and reputation. Our brand promise is to work closely and collaboratively with our customers, making sure we understand what they need and delivering quality products and customer service that helps them secure the potential of their essential research and products.

    Our Vision Statement

    To build a healthier and safer world

    Our Mission Statement

    To be the best company to work with and the best company to work for

    Our Values

      • Doing our best work, together, every day
      • Caring about each other, our animals and the environment
      • Being honest and respectful
      • Always learning, challenging and improving


    Our Quality Statement

    Quality underpins everything we do at Envigo. It is critical to our customers and to building trust in society that the work we do positively contributes to a healthier and safer world. We will maintain high standards at all times and ensure the timely supply of our products and services. We will strive to provide the best customer experience through our commitment to continuous improvement. Quality IS our business.


    2. Quality Principles

    To sustainably create value and to effectively and efficiently build trust, the Executive Committee will drive quality at Envigo through eight guiding principles:

    Customer focus

      • We will seek to truly understand our customers’ requirements so we can ensure we deliver what they need.


      • We will establish clear corporate goals and objectives that always include quality elements so that all Envigo colleagues can be actively involved in achieving the defined quality targets.
      • We will measure our performance and communicate regularly to all Envigo colleagues via a balanced scorecard.

    People involvement

      • We will engage all Envigo colleagues to build quality into our culture and daily work. We will ensure all colleagues in every part of Envigo understand how their role contributes to delivering quality.
      • We will promote a learning culture with a robust approach to the prevention and correction of incidents and adverse trends.

    Process approach

      • Good process ensures efficiency and timely delivery. We will ensure our processes are clearly defined and standardized, wherever possible, and promote a culture of right first time, on time, every time.
      • We will establish and monitor key performance indicators to detect any unexpected variation in our processes and act on our findings. We will ensure our quality control and quality assurance processes are robust and continually assess risk.

    Integrated systems

      • Through our organizational structure we will promote and encourage departments to work together to ensure processes and systems that span across functions and are efficient and effective.

    Continuous improvement

      • We will empower and encourage all Envigo colleagues to integrate continuous improvement into everyday business operations.
      • We will reward sustained effort and results. Through a data driven approach, and with provision of training, coaching and support we will encourage creativity and innovative thinking that enables us to become more competitive and more effective at meeting customer expectations.

    Fact-based decision making

      • We will continually collect and analyze relevant data in order to inform our decision making and we will ensure visibility of our quality performance to our Executive Committee.


      • We will seek to understand how our people feel through our employee engagement program and seek to understand whether we have achieved our customers’ expectations through our voice of customer program.
      • We will act appropriately on the feedback.


    3. Responsibilities

    Quality and the maintenance of high standards are the collective responsibility of all Envigo colleagues, and quality is achieved by the commitment and team effort of everyone.

    The Executive Committee will ensure that specific quality related responsibilities and authorities are defined and communicated within the organization and that processes needed for the quality management system are established, implemented and maintained.

    The Executive Committee recognizes that quality is determined by the cumulative effects of the facilities, equipment, materials, technology, services and people involved directly and indirectly in the conduct of our work: production, breeding, maintenance, monitoring and distribution of animal models, research diets and bedding.


    4. Regulatory Compliance

    In our constant pursuit of excellence, we have established a risk-based quality management system that assures compliance with ISO 9001.

    Monitoring authorities responsible for the respective quality regulations will be informed in written form, of any relevant change (e.g. legal structure of company, working procedures, and responsible staff) as required by the respective quality regulations.


    5. Animal Welfare

    Animal care, health and wellbeing are at the heart of our business. We fully support humane animal research and practice the ethical principles of refinement, reduction and replacement (the 3Rs).

    Our animal welfare and quality programs are strongly aligned with the recommendations of the industry recognized animal care organizations and legislative bodies relevant to our Envigo locations:


    Policy number: POL-GLB-001 V3

    Effective date: 11 Nov 2019
    Site: All Envigo sites
    Scope: This policy describes the Envigo quality objectives as set out by the Executive Committee and outlines the overall quality management principles and behaviors necessary to drive the Company’s overall success.

    This policy includes Envigo’s quality statement.

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