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Welcome to Envigo

As the largest organization that is solely dedicated to providing research models and related products and services, we are committed to helping researchers realize the full potential of their critical R&D projects as we fulfill our mission to work together to build a healthier and safer world.

The announced transaction between Envigo and LabCorp is complete.
LabCorp’s Covance Drug Development segment has acquired Envigo’s nonclinical contract research services business, expanding Covance’s global nonclinical drug development capabilities with additional locations and resources, primarily on the U.S. East Coast and in the United Kingdom. Envigo’s Research Models and Services business has acquired the Covance Research Products (CRP) business, resulting in a business dedicated to offering a full range of research models, diets and bedding.

Today we are setting off on our new path as a dedicated research models and services provider under the Envigo name. Envigo is now an integrated research model and services supplier, providing large and small animals as well as diets and bedding, all produced with the highest standards of animal welfare and care.

As we fully integrate the two companies in to one Envigo, our customers will benefit from a more coordinated supply chain, an enhanced ability to invest in new products/services and improved delivery capabilities.

Expanded Envigo capabilities
The range of standard animals we offer is now the broadest in the industry, as Envigo’s historical strength of providing high-quality rodent models is now complemented by the large animal models traditionally provided by CRP, including research-quality nonhuman primates (NHPs), canines and rabbits.

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Purpose-bred beagles help you get answers to critical study questions.
The temperament of purebred beagles is critical for observing behavior changes. Because our models are ideal for toxicology, safety pharmacology, surgical, field efficacy trials and reproductive toxicology studies, they help you get answers to essential study questions.

Bring canines onto your study sooner.
Our canine socialization program and acclimation services, developed under the guidance of a known canine behaviorist, reduce the time, labor and cost of bringing animals onto your study — helping you to deliver essential results quickly.

Pre-shipment services and testing:

  • Dietary acclimation
  • Digital radiography
  • ECGs
  • Inhalation mask acclimation
  • Lateral recumbancy training
  • Leash training
  • Modified vaccination protocols
  • Neutering
  • Serology and hematology
  • Sling training
  • Specialized deworming
  • Treadmill training

Better inventory means less risk.
Keep your study on track with an extensive 3-to-4 month supply of cynomolgus Nonhuman primates (NHPs) and more than 35 years of expertise importing, quarantining, breeding and exporting these models.

The largest quarantine capacity in the US.
We offer you more than 200 acres of secure quarantine, breeding and holding space. And with more than 70,000 square feet of indoor facilities, ours is the largest of its kind in the US. Our enrichment and socialization programs provide the foundation for NHPs that are better prepared to meet your needs.

Pre-shipment services and testing:

  • Cage to transfer box training
  • Dietary acclimation
  • Health and breeding documentation
  • Ocular exams
  • Pair housing
  • Pole and collar training
  • Rolling rack caging
  • Sexual maturity confirmation
  • Health/pathogen screening

Avoid study delays with consistently available, healthy models.
As one of the world’s largest providers of Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) rabbits, you can rely on our extensive inventory, commitment to on-time delivery and rigorous health testing standards to help you meet your timelines and get the data you need.

Two strains of industry-leading rabbits.
We offer the following rabbits for your diverse study needs:

  • New Zealand White
  • Dutch Belted

Timed-mated rabbits for DART studies.
We have set the industry standard for timed-mated rabbits with greater than 90% success rate. This lays the foundation for consistent, quality results.

Pre-shipment services and testing:

  • Box acclimation
  • Dietary acclimation
  • Ocular exams
  • Pair housing capabilities
  • Pathogen screening
  • Restrainer training

Biological products and services
A major advantage of Envigo biological products is that they are collected from our own laboratory animals. Envigo has a worldwide reputation as a producer of the highest quality laboratory animals of which specific strains of species are also available.

  • Serum and plasma
  • Whole blood and blood cells
  • Tissues, organs and glands (TOGs)
  • Blood complement

Surgical services
Surgical services personnel undergo rigorous training and evaluation prior to performing surgery, and surgical skills are continuously monitored. Surgical services are available from both North America and Europe.

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