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Coronavirus (COVID-19) preparedness

Envigo has been, and will continue to be, vigilantly monitoring the potential impact of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on our daily operations. Our primary focus is the safety and well-being of our employees and the animals in our care. Envigo operations, procurement and human resources are working to anticipate and manage the potential impact of the situation on our business and to ensure continuity to our customers. Our Executive Committee has been meeting daily since the virus was first identified to discuss the evolving landscape and ensure that our business leaders are equipped with the information and resources needed to manage the situation as effectively as possible. Close monitoring of the situation will continue until the risk to our employees and our customers’ business subsides.

Immediate changes to delivery procedures
Personnel delivering Envigo products have been advised to take the following precautions to promote the safety of our customers and themselves, effective immediately:

  • Envigo delivery personnel will no longer be allowed to enter customer facilities. Deliveries will be made to appropriate docks only. Customer personnel must be present to ensure deliveries are received and accepted.
  • Delivery personnel will maintain a mandated 6-foot distance from customer’s employees and contractors during delivery.
  • No delivery documentation will pass hands. The driver will note questions or concerns on behalf of the customer and will ensure proper receipt of the delivery is recorded.
  • As always, Customer Service and Sales Representatives will be available via telephone to discuss any concerns prior to or upon delivery.
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  • Reviewing and reinforcing established business contingency plans in coordination with our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) function to take reasonable steps to provide a safe working environment for all.
  • Frequently communicating hygiene and containment best practices (according to regulatory bodies) to all employees.
  • Evaluating relevant travel assignments to safeguard employee health, including the needs of employees who may have heightened concern about the risk of infection.
  • Sick and work-from-home policies are being reviewed and reinforced.
  • Existing business continuity plans have been reviewed and updated for pandemic preparedness.
  • Plans are in place to ensure that critical animal care activities are maintained, even in the event that employee absenteeism increases.
  • Contingency plans to support critical operational activities at back-up sites have been developed and will be deployed should the need arise.
  • Completed assessment of our global supply chain and are working with suppliers to ensure access to the raw materials needed for continuity of our products and services, e.g. personal protective equipment (PPE), reagents, etc.
  • For NHP sourced from China, we are closely monitoring the Chinese authorities to ensure information on imports is timely and accurate.
  • In a very small number of cases where our raw materials are sourced from China and have been impacted by supply interruption, alternative sources have been identified and utilized.
  • Customer service has been trained and equipped to work remotely from home in the case of any limited ability to access our offices.

Q: Envigo recently changed delivery procedures to avoid passing documents by hand. Does this impact GLP studies which require documentation to demonstrate chain of custody and audit trail?

A: Depending on region, delivery documents are referred to as: Proof of Delivery (POD,) or Manifests. The receiving agent uses this document to account for receipt. Documents that have historically been included inside the shipment will remain. At delivery, the manifest will either already be emailed to you (by customer service) in anticipation of the delivery or will be emailed shortly after the delivery (with driver notes taken at delivery). This practice allows social distancing during the delivery and avoids handling of documents while providing the necessary documentation for GLP studies. Some orders: (NHP, rabbits, canines) require documentation be returned to Envigo, please sign and scan the form back to the Client Service distribution list: DL-Client-Services@envigo.com.

Q: Transport in EU & NA: (How are we managing transport with borders closing in the EU and NA?

A: To date, there have been no significant challenges related to border closures. Currently, our shipments are considered critical and make it through borders with limited delay.

Q: What changes have impacted the transportation of animals or diets?

A: Some air carriers are evaluating their policies and procedures as the COVID-19 pandemic situation evolves. We have had some carriers disallow our shipments one day and then allow them the next. The landscape is changing frequently, and this team is evaluating changes on a daily basis and working through solutions with customers as the need arises.

Q: How are delivery drivers and the product they handle being protected from potential exposure?

A: All drivers are using Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) when handling and delivering product. Drivers are monitoring and documenting their state of health, and finally recent delivery changes have been put in place to protect drivers, those they interact with, and the animals in our care.

Q: What business continuity plan does Envigo have in place if drivers are affected by COVID-19?

A: The transportation team is closely monitoring regulatory agencies and governments to keep informed of relevant changes. Our business continuity plan includes the use of 3rd party transportation partners and gives us the ability to shift resources as required to ensure business continuity.

To make one of these changes to an existing order, please contact us either by email at TekladOrders@envigo.com or by phone, 800-483-5523. Remember, our customer service team is always happy to work with you to find the best solution for your needs. These include:

Ship To address changes:
Contact customer service at least three business days prior to the scheduled ship date, which can be found on your order acknowledgement.

Requests to delay shipment:
Contact customer service at least five business days prior to the scheduled ship date, and we will move the ship date up to 30 days past the original ship date. In the case that your diet has already been produced, we will store it for a similar period of time (depending on order quantity). If we cannot store it for you, we will contact you regarding alternate shipment options.

Cancel an order:
For non-irradiated orders, contact customer service at least five business days prior to the scheduled ship date. For orders with irradiation, contact customer service at least ten business days prior to the scheduled ship date.

Our in-stock diets are processed quickly. Please contact us immediately to discuss options. (Stock diets include TD.88137, TD.06414, TD.01306, and select Tamoxifen diets).

For questions or concerns, please use the form below: