Envigo is continuously monitoring, preparing and updating its guidance to customers as we approach the key dates of the Article 50 separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union (aka “Brexit”). Envigo established a Brexit task force consisting of senior leadership from key areas of our business to ensure ongoing business continuity for both Envigo and its customers.

This task force continues to meet regularly in order to prepare and implement business process plans and resourcing to anticipate and minimize the impact of Brexit on our business. The following FAQs have been prepared as current guidance and is continually updated as the position between the British Government and the EU develops.

Brexit is a priority for Envigo and if you have any concern, please contact us at

Download the Brexit FAQs .

    Trade (Import / Export / Supply Chain)

  • Will there be tariffs applied to animal costs under WTO?

    Laboratory animals currently have no tax added for movement in to the EU and across the EU, this position will remain the same under WTO

    Prices for 2021 are being reviewed as normal and will be confirmed in due course.

  • Will there be changes in documentation needed for movements of animals in or out of the UK?

    Import to UK Changes:
    Envigo's current understanding is that there will be limited change in terms of documentation required. 

    DEFRA have now confirmed that no additional vet checks on arrival will be required

    Also customers can use the AHPA License for the import into the UK of live rodents or lagomorphs for research. Our Customer Services team are talking to the relevant customers and can advise any new customers as required

    Our Customer Services team is working directly with customers to make the necessary changes to Incoterms

    Export from UK Changes:
    Envigo understands that the export documentation will need to be agreed with the EU and may require an additional licence per shipment. This may take an additional time to secure plus an additional vet check may be required prior to shipment. We are working with EU groups to clarify this position and will update customers once a firm position is confirmed.

    Exact documentation requirements are to be clarified, please contact your customer services representative if you have immediate concerns.

  • Will there be any other impact on the movement of animals in and out of the UK?

    The main impact we currently predict is additional delays in shipments due to:

    Export license requests may add time to the process from PO to shipment for small animals being shipped from the UK to the EU. Vet checks might be required at Border Inspection Posts at the airport of arrival.

    Additional CITES might be required and thus may add additional time for shipments of animals requiring to travel under CITES from the EU to the UK.

  • Will there be tariffs on any other goods imported in and out of the UK under WTO?

    Under WTO terms the Envigo team have assessed that there will be additional tariffs on certain goods including our Teklad diet shipments into the UK. Additional costs are being assessed and any cost impact to clients will be conveyed to customers via our commercial sales team as soon as possible.

  • Has Envigo ensured that its supply chain for its Operations are ready for the change on 1st Jan?

    Envigo's Procurement team continues to work with it's key suppliers in the UK to ensure that supply chains are secure for the post Brexit period. The team are encouraging suppliers to ensure that they have sufficient stock to cover any transition period at the beginning of January.

  • What will the impact be on the movement of biological products (UK to customer EU and EU to UK)?

    We are working with the governmental authorities in the relevant countries together with our international couriers to determine labelling / commercial invoice / payment of VAT / export license & vet check requirements. We will update all parties once further clarity is obtained. We are sure that this will be determined to ensure continuity of these services as we transition to the post Brexit position.

  • Does Envigo think movement of animals in and out of the UK will have the changes in place ready for 1st Jan?

    Envigo recommends that its clients do not request animals deliveries in or out of the UK during the first two weeks of January in order to ensure that all changes at borders and documentation are in place. If there is a requirement for a shipment early in January we would request that you contact your customer services representative as early as possible in December order that the necessary plans can be put in place.

  • Are there any specific concerns in relation to shipments to Ireland?

    The changes in movement of goods from UK to both Northern and Southern Ireland is still unknown - further clarification will be provided when we have more information.


  • What proportion of Envigo's UK employees are EU nationals?

    Less than 6% of Envigo's UK employees are EU nationals. We have worked with all of these employees to ensure they have the relevant rights to live / work in the UK or EU as appropriate

  • What is Envigo’s expectation of the impact of immigration challenges to staffing your UK-based operation?

    This is not expected to have significant impact as Envigo has separate distribution centres in both the UK and EU to enable us to continue to operate under the most favourable trading environment for our customers regardless of trading arrangements between the UK and the EU, or between the UK, EU and the rest of the world. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the best people and to pursue our mission to be the best company to work with and the best company to work for.


  • What will be the impact on Envigo’s finances?

    Envigo is financially stable and resilient: Though there might be minor changes arising from the Brexit transition, we believe that there will not be any significant adverse impact to the business and we will continue to invest in world-class operations and innovation post Brexit.

  • Impact of exchange rate movements on costs, profitability and competitive position

    Exchange rate movements are an inevitable fact of the business environment and occur because of numerous factors including, inflation, government fiscal policy, real gross domestic product GDP and expectations around future economic performance and the impact of speculative currency investment. In this regard, they are not deemed to be solely a Brexit specific issue. Exchange rate risk is mitigated by Envigo due it being an international business, which has regional operational centres in proximity to the customer base incurring costs in the same currency of sale.


ABPI Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry
BIA  Bioindustry Association
CLP  Classification, Labelling and Packaging
CITES  Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (also known as the Washington Convention)
DEFRA  Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DPB  Data Protection Bill
EARA  European Animal Research Association
EU27  European Union (the 27 European Union countries involved in Brexit negotiations)
EUWB  European Withdrawal Bill
GDPR  General Data Protection Regulation
HMRC  Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs
PII  Personally Identifiable Information
WTO  World Trade Organization
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