Our use of animals

Envigo is a global company that is committed to helping customers realize the full potential of their products and research which contribute to enhancing the lives of people and animals, as well as protecting the environment. The use of animals in this research remains essential for advancing our understanding of the body in health and disease and for developing new medicines and other compounds.

Envigo considers the responsible use of animals in research to be ethically appropriate when there is no alternative method available or where the use is mandated by legal or regulatory requirements. Animal research is currently mandated to:

  • Demonstrate the safety and efficacy of new medicines, for people and animals
  • Evaluate the safety of chemicals to humans, animals and the environment

In practice governments demand that animal research is conducted before new medicines are studied in people and for the registration or authorization of many compounds.

In carrying out animal research for our customers at Envigo we follow the principles of the 3Rs - replacement, reduction and refinement, and we ensure they are considered at all levels of the company. This means we use alternatives to animals whenever we can, we aim to carry out studies with the fewest number of animals possible, and we take measures to minimise any pain or distress before, during, and after experimental procedures.

In the research we conduct, we use a range of approaches and methods such as cell cultures, in vitro techniques, computer modelling, bioinformatics, high-throughput screening and clinical trials in people. We only use animals when there is no other way of performing that research; in fact legislation in many countries states that animals cannot be used if research or testing can be done by a non-animal method. In addition, we are working to develop alternative techniques that replace and reduce the use of animals in research.

At Envigo we believe we have a moral responsibility to ensure good welfare and treatment of the animals we breed for, or use in research. We adopt a humane and compassionate approach, actively fostering a culture of care towards our animals and aim to operate to the highest professional standards. We have a company-wide animal welfare policy that defines and drives the standards for our animal care and welfare throughout Envigo.

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