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Envigo Teklad 7979C.CS Diamond Twists are the first and only environmental enrichment material that is floor-stocked as both Certified and Irradiated. Made from thick rolled tissue paper with very low dust content, Diamond Twists can be used conveniently in GLP Tox studies and are ideal for use with nude mice. In multiple studies this product experienced 100% acceptance/ shredding and did not wind around rodents’ legs or pups. The paper material won’t clog drains or disposals.

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Teklad 7979C.CS Certified/Irradiated Diamond Twists are monitored for quality and consistency throughout production, and the material is routinely certified for pesticides and heavy metals. It is a certified, irradiated enrichment product (7979C.CS), with certificates of analysis available on a per-lot basis. Though pre-irradiated, Diamond Twists can be autoclaved in the cage.

Product features:

  • First and only Environmental Enrichment material that is both Certified and Irradiated
  • Can be autoclaved in the cage
  • Highly-defined raw material
  • Monitored for quality and consistency throughout production
  • Produced in a plant dedicated to production of lab animal bedding
  • Premium white color aids in observation for health monitoring
  • 100% acceptance/shredding
  • Does not wind around rodents’ legs, or pups
  • Won’t clog drains or disposals



  • Teklad 7979C.CS Certified/Irradiated Diamond Twists Environmental Enrichment are packed 1900 pieces per case, packaged in 9 x 2 lb. (0.91 kg)



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