Standard natural ingredient diets

Envigo provides two types of natural ingredient diets: Traditional and Global. Both types of diets meet basic nutritional criteria and are produced using fixed formulas with tightly controlled manufacturing processes and rigorous sourcing and testing of ingredients.

Teklad Global Diets® are the world’s leading laboratory animal diets. Options are available globally for most laboratory animal species whereas Traditional diets are typically only available in North America.

Traditional diet formulas have been in use for decades to feed laboratory animals, however to meet your modern research needs we recommend our newer Teklad Global Diets®.

Natural ingredients contain a variety of nutritive and non-nutritive components. Both nutrients and non-nutrients can have significant effects on research. By combining fixed formulation with rigorous ingredient control, the variation in nutrient and non-nutrient levels is minimized, meaning consistent results for you. Learn more about different types of natural ingredients by expanding the ingredient composition tab below.

To learn more about the unique attributes of diets designed for each species we encourage you to visit our diets by species pages.

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Teklad natural ingredient diets are comprised of agricultural commodities including (but not limited to):

  • Corn
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Wheat and wheat middlings
  • Soybean meal*
  • Oats
  • Alfalfa meal*
  • Animal-derived ingredients such as fish meal, and meat and bone meal*
  • Vitamins, minerals and fat (vegetable oil or animal fat)

*These ingredients are reduced or excluded in Teklad Global Rodent Diets because they can have effects on a wide variety of research end points.

All natural ingredients have complex chemical composition that can naturally vary. Fixed formulation combined with stringent ingredient procurement help to minimize this natural variation. When further diet refinement is required contact a nutritionist to determine if a custom diet would better suit your needs.

NOTE: Terminology used to describe laboratory animal diets is not consistent across the industry. In this context, we use the phrase “natural ingredient” to denote the relative lack of processing of the ingredients. Natural ingredient diets might also be referred to as “standard”, “grain-based” or “chow” — terms that may convey some information about the nature of the diet or how it is used but may not provide enough clarity for your purposes.