Eliminated stocks and strains

Your need for certain animals changes over time as advances in research and development of new animal models sometimes result in lower demand for specific strains. Therefore, Envigo periodically reviews the viability of continuing production of certain stocks and strains.  While we make decisions primarily based on customer demand, our commitment to animal welfare is also an important part of our evaluation process for strain elimination or cryopreservation.

We recognize the specialization involved in the field of research means that our customers’ needs evolve in tandem with scientific advances. At Envigo, we remain committed to our mission of helping you enhance your research outcomes, so although we may no longer breed select models for sale, we welcome inquiries for revitalization of a specific stock or strain should your research require it.

NOTE: The following is a list of stocks and strains that have been most recently eliminated and cryopreserved.

Stock/Strain Species Status
SAMP6/TaHsd Mouse Cryopreserved
MRL/MpOlaHsd-Tnfrsf6 Mouse Cryopreserved
NOD/NHsd Mouse Eliminated
MRL/MpOlaHsd Mouse Cryopreserved in UK
SWR/OlaHsd Mouse Cryopreserved in UK
HsdOla:MF1-HR Mouse Cryopreserved in UK
LE/CpbHsd Rat Cryopreserved in UK
PVG/OlaHsd Rat Eliminated in US
TR/AmcHsd-Abcc2(F11) Rat Moved to RRRC   (2/25/2009) for maintenance
F344/DchcHsd-DPPIV- Rat Moved to RRRC   (2/25/2009) for maintenance
HsdBlu:BRAT-Avpdi Rat Moved to RRRC   (11/5/09) for maintenance
HsdBlu:BRAT-Avpdi/Avp+ Rat Moved to RRRC   (2/5/09) for maintenance
Hsd:HIV-1 (SD®) Rat Moved to RRRC

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